Clean up your NetSuite data with confidence

Having good data in your critical computer systems is crucial to the success of your business. Unfortunately all too often the task of keeping data clean, accurate, and free from duplication can be overwhelming. It is an ongoing battle as mountains of data continues to pile up from many disparate internal systems, partner systems, web sites, user imports, and data entry from staff, causing more and more copies of the same inaccurate data to accumulate.

For many companies tackling this common but burdensome problem is fraught with danger. There are many considerations to take in to account and quite frankly if it is not done right then the situation can be made significantly worse. Running imports and queries on data can be quite perilous and at BMI we hear stories all the time of botched attempts made by companies trying to clean up their data where records are merged incorrectly and valuable history is lost causing chaos with the users.

At BMI Cloud Solutions we understand data and systems and we know how to tackle this problem. With this tutorial you will learn how to carefully and methodically prepare, analyze, and finally execute the steps required to dramatically improve the quality of your NetSuite data.

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