Services Overview

Our team of experienced developers, Certified NetSuite Administrators, Certified NetSuite ERP Consultants, business professionals, and analysts will work towards a common goal – provide a solution that allows your company to realize the benefits of adopting and implementing new cloud technologies.

Systems Integration

Moving to a new back office system typically includes integrating to legacy systems and moving legacy data from the old systems to the new. BMI’s team of developers and integrations specialists can work with your team to plan and execute on your data needs.

CEDAR Data Services

CEDAR’s ability to easily connect with most business platforms means you can finally connect disparate systems, allowing your organization to take full advantage of data created and stored in other silos. CEDAR offers functionality to clean and remove duplicate data and prevent duplicate records from recurring.

NetSuite Implementation

BMI understands that implementing NetSuite effectively and efficiently is crucial to your business. That is why our team of experts will collaborate with you to get a comprehensive look at your unique business needs and processes in order to be able to develop and execute on a plan that will support your organization.

Customization & Consulting

Our priority is to help our clients fulfill their needs in order to reach their business goals. Sometimes this requires developing customizations or finding solutions that will enable your organization to save time and money. Customizations can range from very simple to elaborate solutions depending on the complexity of the problem you are trying to solve.