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Systems Integration Platform


ImageBuilt for NetSuite

CEDAR is BMI’s flagship product created to address several critical business issues. First, the CEDAR SMB Lead Record Management (LRM) module was built to address a need we identified where companies utilizing best in class Marketing and Sales solutions [NetSuite, HubSpot, Pardot, etc] become dependent on “Silos” of information created by each solution in the enterprise process. CEDAR LRM was purposefully built as middleware to ensure all data is collected and synchronized across each platform. The result is a unified data environment.

CEDAR Enterprise LRM extends functionality to Channel Distribution Eco-systems. Like the CEDAR SMB model, CEDAR Enterprise LRM is utilized to deliver real time access to all users and companies in the channel. With CEDAR Enterprise, OEM’s are able to share leads and other data points directly with their channel partners, removing the barriers created by each company having their own back office system. In this new environment, OEM’s can see how partners are working leads and partners receive OEM data live.

CEDAR delivers a solution that bridges the current communication gaps and extends the usefulness of your data. CEDAR is a web-based enterprise system purposefully built to deliver a new level of control and insight for Marketing and Sales professionals. CEDAR connects “best in class” solution environments where disparate data exists, allowing for increased visibility, robust analysis and tracking of suspect to close activity for individual companies and Channel organizations.

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