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Shipping Container Management in NetSuite

When we talk to other NetSuite users we typically hear about what works and what doesn’t work whether it is with their current process or system. We’ve had a lot of conversations with users about gaps that they’ve identified with shipping container management in NetSuite.
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Managing your NetSuite Database

Over the last few years we’ve experienced quite a few NetSuite implementations and have helped a few move to a “Phase 2” implementation or added customizations for items such as “On the Water Inventory” or “Container Inventory” management. All in all, most companies have managed to move their use of NetSuite forward and have gained many improvements in their processes that a move to NetSuite promised. That’s the good news – NetSuite rocks and is continuing to make a dramatic impact on business efficiencies throughout the world.
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Sales Tax for Dummies, Really!

What a genius idea! For Dummies book series tackles sales tax Repost from This is a great article from one of our partners – well worth the read Life lessons. They’re never ending.
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NetSuite ERP – SuiteWorld 2015

Our team just wrapped up a few days out in San Jose at the NetSuite SuiteWorld 2015 event and found it to be extremely well done.
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Cloud computing has become commonplace

Cloud computing has pushed past trendiness and is more commonplace these days, emerging as a routine method of data storage for people and businesses, according to a published report.
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